Program Offerings

Plan B is dedicated to defending your rights. Count on us to be your champion and provide you with the solid credit repair and counseling you deserve.


Plan B Expedite


Our Expedite program is for clients with many derogatory accounts on their credit reports. We have the bureaus verify all accounts at the same time, both good credit and derogatory accounts. This program is designed to provide maximum results in 60 days and includes weekly updates.


Plan B Flex-Pay

Our Flex-Pay program is for clients on a budget with 1-6+ derogatory accounts on their credit reports. While the process is the same as our Expedite program, Flex-Pay focuses on 4 (Derogatory accounts) of your choice every 30 days.


Plan B Weekly Updates


For an additional $200 per month, We offer weekly updates for our Flex-Pay program. This is a great way to track your credit repair progress. Often the Bureaus finish their investigations in just a few days, weekly updates would give you the results in days rather than the normal 30-45 day time frame. This allows you to begin your loan process ASAP.




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Cash Back Reviews
A Must Have

By Daniel Sanders
I applied for this card with an average credit score and short history of 4 months 1 negative and to my surprise I was not only approved after verification of address and ss# but approved for very high credit limit. Customer service was very, friendly, and good rewards.

Thanks for having faith in me.




Jim M.

San Francisco, CA

I did not have acceptable credit scores and needed to rent a home. My realestate broker recomended that I work with Plan B to get my scores up. Well, I did, and they did, by a lot! I recomeneded Plan B to my Nephew and his scores went up also. It was frankly unbelievable what Plan B can do that I had not a clue about. Plan B also offers suggestions about how to further improve my scores. If your looking to improve your credit score, Plan B is where I'd say to go.